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Saskatoon, SK Boiler Installations & Replacements

Do you need boiler installation or a system replacement for your home or commercial space in Saskatoon? Acme Mechanical Solutions is your local boiler service expert. Our technicians are certified, experienced and have years of boiler installation experience. We install high-efficiency Navien boiler systems for our home and business owners here in Saskatoon.

If your space already utilizes a boiler system for heating during our cold and long Saskatchewan winters but it's getting old and unreliable, we have the perfect new system for your replacement. Get in touch with Acme Mechanical for all of your boiler service needs here in Saskatoon.

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  • We provide repair and maintenance to all makes and models of boiler systems
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Consider upgrading to a Combi-boiler from Navien for efficient heating and hot water. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Venting Options: Choose between traditional chimney venting or a convenient direct vent system.
  • Heat Exchanger: Enjoy the benefits of a stainless steel heat exchanger for improved efficiency and durability.
  • Space-Saving Design: Wall-mountable Combi-boilers save floor space in your utility area.
  • Efficiency Ratings: Opt for high AFUE ratings (typically 90% to 98%) for significant energy savings.
  • Hot Water on Demand: Combi-boilers provide instant hot water, eliminating the need for a separate water heater.
  • Distribution System Compatibility: Compatible with various distribution systems like hot water baseboards, in-floor radiant heating, and air handlers.

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Efficient Comfort in Saskatoon: Navien Combi-Boilers from Acme Mechanical

Discover efficient heating and hot water solutions with Acme Mechanical in Saskatoon, SK. Our Navien Combi-boilers combine space-saving design with versatile venting options for optimal performance. With stainless steel heat exchangers ensuring durability and efficiency, our Combi-boilers provide reliable warmth and instant hot water.

Upgrade your system with Acme Mechanical for a compact, efficient, and tailored heating solution in Saskatoon. Contact us today to enhance your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

Navien Combi-Boilers

Navien Combi Boiler

Navien NCB-190/060H

High Efficiency Condensing Combi-boiler. Features include:

  • Smart controls LCD display, quick dial wheel & Setup Wizard
  • Advanced stainless steel dual heat exchangers
  • 15:1 DHW and up to 5.5:1 heating TDR
  • Field convertible gas system (NG/LP) up to 10,100 ft.
  • Capable of cascading up to 15 NPE water heaters
  • Capable of common venting up to 7 NPE water heaters

Navien Combi Boiler

Navien NFC-250/175H

High Efficiency Condensing Combi-boiler. Features include:

  • 95% AFUE – Energy Star certified
  • DHW 15:1 TDR and heating 13:1 TDR
  • 2” venting up to 65’, 3” venting up to 150'
  • Advanced controls with intuitive user interface and Setup Wizard
  • NEW DHW module with mixing and water adjustment valves
  • Built-in powered connections for 3 zone valves or 3 zone pumps
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Conventional Heat Only Boilers

If you are replacing your existing gas boiler,Acme Mechanical can replace it with a new high efficiency gas boiler from Navien. Considerations include:

  • System venting: the products of combustion need to be vented safely to the outdoors. You can utilize a traditional masonry or b-vent chimney, or consider one of your new direct vent boiler systems that don’t require a chimney.
  • Traditional cast-iron heat exchanger, or more efficient stainless steel. Traditional cast iron boilers are floor mounted in a utility space, while new high-efficiency systems can be wall-mounted saving you floor space.
  • Efficiency: current gas boilers are rated at between 80% on 97% AFUE, which it the annual efficiency of combustion. The high the efficiency, the lower your energy cost will be.
  • Distribution system type: hot water baseboard, in-floor radiant, or air handlers

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Boiler Repair & Tune-Ups

We offer repair and tune-ups for all boiler system types. Like with all mechanical systems, sometimes boilers break down and need repair. If the worst happens, and your boiler breaks down during a cold snowy Saskatoon night make sure you call our team. We offer emergency repair, 24/7, because your comfort is our top priority. We'll send out a technician to diagnose your boiler repair issue, and then with your approval get started on the repair right away.

If you don't need repair now, but would like to schedule a tune-up for your boiler call our team. A yearly system tune-up is one of the best things you can do for your boiler, and you should also be doing them for all of your heating and cooling systems. Our team can perform a boiler tune-up for your system no matter the make or the model. Ready to schedule a tune-up for your residential or commercial system? Book your service today.

Navien Gas Boilers

Navien Combi Boiler

Navien NHB-80H


Navien Combi Boiler

Navien NFB-301C


  • High Capacity: Systems are available that can supply both heat and domestic hot water for larger homes — enough space heat for a whole house, plus hot water to run up to 3 showers and a dishwasher all at the same time.
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers: Navien’s advanced stainless steel heat exchanger design resists corrosion better than copper for longer life.
  • Low noise levels Installations in or near media rooms, recreation rooms or any living areas of the house are possible with the quiet running Navien boilers.
  • Multiple venting options: Low exhaust gas temperatures allow use of PVC, CPVC, polypropylene (rigid and flexible) and stainless steel venting reducing installation time and costs. System can use 2" venting for up to 60', or up to 150' with 3" venting.
  • High turndown ratios up to 15:1: The sophisticated gas flow control system provides a high turndown ratio, reducing energy waste and excessive combi-boiler cycling and enhances temperature control for DHW.
  • NaviLink™ WiFi Control: The NaviLink™ Wi-Fi control system provides access to Navien condensing combi-boilers from anywhere in the world with your Apple or Android mobile device.
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